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Lower Your Monthly Payment With a

Better Credit Score

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Professional Series Plan

Best Results • Free Consultation • Dedicated Credit Analyst

Only $79.99 per mo.

How Can Good Credit Help You?

$18,000 Auto Loan at 60 months

Bad Credit      18% interest    $458.00 mo.
Good Credit    06% interest    $348.00 mo.

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Watch all 3 credit scores increase each month

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"My Student loans were out of control. They were garnishing my wages and the balance wasn't coming down. EFG. stopped the garnishments, and got me a cheaper payment structure without fines and fees. The collections went away and my payments are listed as on time on all three credit bureaus!" - Michael Speers

Classic Service

We will dispute all negative items on all 3 credit bureaus! We are the only credit repair company that doesn't require you to get your own credit reports!

Platinum Service

Platinum service is an expedited plan. If you have several negative items on your credit reports this plan sees fast results!

Professional Series Plan

This plan offers a revolutionary process in credit repair that allows us to track credit bureau and collection agency correspondence.

Credit Monitoring

All of our service plans allow for tracking changes to your credit report but they don't allow us to see the impact of these changes to your credit scores.

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