Living is expensive. The economy has improved substantially from a few years ago, but the cost of living doesn’t match the income of many people. In addition, there is the struggle to finish a college degree program and be able to pay the loans after graduation in a reasonable amount of time and still be able to live comfortably. In addition, credit card companies market to college students without prejudice. This can become problematic.

Being able to afford living expenses and pay off student loans and credit cards gets difficult if the debt to income ratio is out of balance, even if you have a full-time position right out of college. However, filing for deferment or forbearance on loans only puts off paying the debt off, and it doesn’t allow for a chance to increase credit score when you are ready to make a big purchase. One thing you can’t afford is a low credit score, because it will automatically raise the interest rate and the payments each month.

Instead of juggling payments to stay afloat, contact a credit counseling service to help restore and increase your credit score. EFG Credit Solutions offers a range of services starting at $14.99 for credit monitoring to services for credit restoration. With an increased credit score, your payments will be reduced, interest paid monthly will decrease, and you’ll be able to afford life. We offer free credit repair consultations that include a credit report from each of the three credit bureaus to evaluate your individual situation and develop the best plan to improve your credit score.