1. Credit Scores and Buying a House

    We briefly discussed before the importance of your credit score. However, we barely scratched the surface as to the different ways your credit score affects your daily life, and how much the right credit repair services could save you. One of the ways that increasing your credit score can benefit you is when you buy a house. How Your Credit Score Affects Buying a House While banks and landlords wi…Read More

  2. Defining Tradelines

    When you are looking at your credit report or learning more about credit repair, you’ll notice several companies and resources discussing tradelines and how they can help fix your credit score. You’ll get several different answers as to how more or less tradelines can affect your credit, but it is important to first understand what tradelines are so you can make better decisions about your cre…Read More

  3. Why Your Credit Took A Hit When You’ve Been Paying

    You’ve been paying your bills, trying to increase your credit score. You’ve been on time and even paying more than your minimum payment, but you score keeps dropping. These are some of the reasons why your credit keeps taking hits, even when you are trying to raise it: 1 – Types of Credit and Length of Credit History As you begin to pay off some of your loans, both your types of …Read More

  4. Find your Way Back to a Good Credit Score

    Credit repair can seem overwhelming, for good reason. By the time a person needs credit counseling services, it can mean the credit score is low and needs to be addressed. There are so many ways a credit score can end up low, and it doesn’t always mean credit card debt has been racked up and gone unpaid. Medical expenses can add up if there are health issues. An accident might keep a person out …Read More