1. How Tradelines Can Impact Your Credit

    The Right Tradelines Can Help Rebuild Your Credit Your credit score is affected by a wide variety of factors, from the types of tradelines you have open to how much of your line of credit you use in a month to whether you pay your bills on time or not. While each piece of your credit report factors into the entire score, tradelines can influence your credit almost as much as your payment history, …Read More

  2. You Are Not Alone With Medical Debt

    Medical debt can accrue in so many ways, from having a baby to knee surgery to needing medication for the flu, and our medical/insurance system in America leaves much to be desired. Because of this, there is an overwhelming amount of American medical debt, and according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, accounts for more than half of the total debt in the nation. About 20 percent of Ame…Read More

  3. How A Late Payment Can Affect Your Credit Score

    When it comes to your credit report, it is very easy to lose points, yet quite difficult to recover and fix your credit score. Several factors affect your credit report, including the length of your credit history, how much of your credit you used in a single billing period, and how many credit inquiries there have been on your account. However, one of the fastest ways to lose points on your credi…Read More