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How long will it take for my credit score to improve?

Everyone’s credit situation is different. If your credit has multiple negative issues it may take longer to address them than if you have just a few. Credit issues don’t go away on their own for seven years. We can resolve credit issues much faster.

Q. Will I have to pay any fees other than the monthly service fee?

Not to us. The truth is that some credit issues may also be legal issues. Judgments are especially difficult simply because the creditor has a legal monetary claim against you. We will reference your State’s specific laws regarding judgments and inform you of the issues the judgment may pose to your future assets.

Q. Are you a credit repair agency or a credit and debt counseling agency?

Our founder wanted to provide the best of both services. Credit repair agencies improve peoples credit scores but they don’t empower them to keep good credit. It is our sincere hope that once we get you on the right path that we have counseled you on how to stay on that path.

Q. What does your credit repair plan include?

After We have analyzed your credit reports and scores we can provide you with the following:

  • Access to your credit scores through our client portal.
  • Customized disputes for negative items that are lowering your credit score.
  • Opportunities for rebuilding your credit.
  • Partner programs for debt relief.

Q. Is it possible for credit to be too bad to fix? Should I just file for bankruptcy?

No! credit is never beyond repair. If you have had a situation where you had to default on several debts it may take longer, but the sooner we get started the faster you will recover.

Bankruptcy may be a part of your credit repair. We partner with several bankruptcy attorney’s that have agreed to work by our customer satisfaction standards. The truth is, until we review your credit situation it is difficult to say whether bankruptcy should be considered. 95% of the time it is unnecessary.

Q. Can you remove federal student loans from my credit?

Even if we worked to remove the collection, federal student loan money can and will be collected. It cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and it cannot be ignored. The federal government will seek an administrative judgment against you, assess legal fees, collections fees and default interest rate charges. If you are working they will eventually garnish your wages up to a certain percentage. If you have multiple lenders for federal aid this situation can become even worse.

DONT DESPAIR! No matter where you’re at with student loan debt we can help. The worst thing someone can do is ignore Federal Student Loans. Our goal will be to get your loans back with The U.S. Department of Education if they’re not already, consolidate them, stop your payments for a few months and then seek an income sensitive plan. CALL US if you are experiencing student loan payment problems. Ignoring this problem will definitely make it worse!

Q. What if I have other questions during your service or before signing up?

Call us Toll Free at 1-800-934-7807 or email us at Almost everyone experiences credit challenges in their lifetime. We will be supportive and understanding. For most Americans a short time of being unemployed would ruin their credit. Bad credit is understandable and it’s nothing you should be ashamed of.

Q. Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel your service at anytime.

Q. Could someone do all of this themselves?

Federal Law requires that we say yes. You could dispute information on your credit report yourself. However, our founder points out that with enough time, study, and the right materials and infrastructure you could also build your own car. Credit is complicated. Debt Collectors, Creditors, and the Credit Bureaus have attorney’s, software, analysts, and executive staff working to protect their interests. We provide these tools to you to increase your chance of removing negative information from your credit report.

Q. The Better Business Bureau, large banks, and the Federal Government don’t recommend credit repair agencies? Why?

Anyone can make a website advertising credit repair and charge for it. The BBB and the Federal Gov’t simply don’t have the manpower to identify the truly helpful agencies from scams in every instance. EFG will be honest and forthcoming about your credit challenges. We can’t guarantee a specific result, but if you’re not satisfied with our progress you can cancel at anytime. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Banks use credit score to qualify people for loans. They have a desire to see negative information. Our plea to the banks has always been simple. They have a large infrastructure representing their interests in making your debt situation as painful as possible for you. Shouldn’t you have access to a company that works to stop some of the damage so you can move on? Once we’ve worked with a client to restore their credit we promise the banks we won’t help that client with new credit issues for a period of, at least, 3 years. We partner with lending institutions. We realize our consumer credit system is important for determining the risk level of consumers who borrow money. We want to support our clients in being responsible borrowers.

Q. Can I dispute negative information from online when I get my annual credit report?

If you dispute more than three items the credit bureaus may mark the disputes as frivolous.Online disputes don’t receive the same amount of attention as carefully written and mailed dispute letters. We do not use online dispute processes for this reason. Our interactions with the credit bureaus are mailed, documented and in writing. We constantly monitor our competitors. We have specific advantages over our competition. Please call us with any questions. 1-800-934-7807.

Q. Should I settle or pay an old debt in full? 

Paying or settling a debt does not erase bad payment history. It is becoming common practice for past creditors to mark debts as, “legally paid for less than balance owed”. The payment history will still have a significant negative impact on your score. Debts may not need to be settled or paid. If you do decide to pay a past debt please consult a licensed credit repair agency. Simply paying a past debt has little to no affect on your credit score.