At EFG Credit Solutions, we want you to have a great credit score. There are so many benefits received from having a credit score, mainly, lower monthly payments and lower interest rates. No matter your present credit score, EFG can work with you to lower your payments through increasing your credit score. We work with the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) to dispute fraudulent reporting, to figure out what accounts need to be brought current, and to help you contact creditors to work with the payment schedules to make them more realistic for your financial situation.

Many people would be amazed at how much payments are reduced with a lower credit score. For example, if a person applied for a mortgage of $300,000 with a credit score of 710 (which is in the good range), their interest rates will be dependent on that score and the ratio of debt to income that helps financiers to assess risk. However, if that credit score was improved to 740, even though it still lies within the good range, there would be savings of $30,000 over the life of the mortgage loan if payments were made on schedule. If the credit score is improved by 30 points, there will be immense savings.

Contact EFG Credit Solutions for help with increasing your credit score so you can take advantage of lower payments and interest rates. Don’t suffer through paying high interest rates for items you and your family needs. Contact us today for a free credit repair consultation. We’ll get started today to help save you money.