collaborate with many local and nationwide lending companies. We work with those who have the authority to disclose how to fix bad credit. Raising your credit score is not just about overcoming the past. Good credit score reports are only achieved once you have new accounts that have been in good standing over a period of time.

Most people don’t want good credit or to raise their credit score just to have it. They want good credit for the opportunities it creates: to buy cars, houses, rent apartments, have credit cards, and borrow money for several purposes from medical care to leisure vacations.

As a client of EFG, we work as your advocate to get you the best deal possible with our lending partners. Call us today to see if you qualify for a better mortgage rate, automotive loan rate, a better credit card, or if you’re having trouble getting approved we can tell you specifically what is keeping you from being approved. Get started and fix bad credit issues right away!


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