You may wonder if it’s possible to rebuild your credit score. The answer is yes! It’s never too late to fix bad credit. Finding a credit restoration company, like EFG Credit Solutions, can breathe new life into your financial situation. Finding out your credit score is low and having to pay a much higher interest rate than if the credit score was good can be stressful. Especially if it’s for an item you need, like transportation or a home. In many housing markets, it is more affordable to buy instead of rent, but if the credit score makes it impossible to buy, paying rent may be the only option.

Having bad credit may even feel like a helpless situation, but know that with the right help, it is possible to rebuild your credit. EFG Credit Solutions offers a range of services to help clients and take steps toward credit restoration.

Our Classic Plan handles everything from bankruptcy to medical collections. We work with Experian, TransUnion and Equifax directly to speed the process along. Our Professional Series Plan will give the use of a dedicated credit analyst to help weed through the ins and outs of your credit report and help with credit restoration after bankruptcy, repossessions, foreclosures, FTC complaints/investigations. If a plan fix bad credit is not needed, but it’s important to keep an eye on your credit score to make sure there is no fraudulent activity, we have a plan for that too. For a low fee, you can get monthly credit reports from all three credit bureaus.

Contact us for a no-obligation free consultation to assess your situation and see how we can help. Don’t wait another day to rebuild your credit.